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Taurus TS-850x Semiconductor Switch Systems
STAr Taurus TS-850x can provide customized RF switches of wide varying frequency ranges and configurations. Key advantages are its intuitive touch software, user-configurable setups, and high-performance modules for wide applications.
Features and Specifications
  • All-in-one chassis with highly flexible modular configuration
  • Expandable matrix array with low leakage current capability from 4 x (10 x 12) to 10 x 48
  • Industry leading 1 kV and 3 kV high voltage low leakage current 10 x 12 switch matrix card
  • User-configurable RF switch matrix card such as 40 GHz 4 x 6
  • Intuitive user-configurable interface with touch panel and GPIB control interface
  • 2F., No.101, Gongdao 5th Rd., Sec. 2, Hsinchu City 300046, Taiwan
  • Tel : +886-3-5717179