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Unicorn LAIT II Advanced Mini- and Micro- LED Tester
Unicorn-LAIT II is an advanced high throughput LED test system. The system provides critical measurements for Mini- and Micro- LEDs and integrates parallel test instrument, probe station and probe cards in one system, and offers a comprehensive analysis result to industry users.
Features and Specifications
High-Throughput Parallel Test System
  • Module based LPX instrument with 48 channels per module and up to five modules.
  • High precision multi-ranging voltage and current parametric measurement units (PMU).
  • High-speed parallel tests based on FPGA firmware control and high-speed ADC.
High-Precision LED Probe Station
  • High-precision closed-loop XYZ stages ensuring best accuracy in multi-LED stepping.
  • High-resolution patented coaxial scanning and probing microscopes.
  • Porous ceramic chuck with patent pending auxiliary chucks for cleaning and contact check.
Multi-DUT LED Test Probe Card
  • Stable long lifetime multi-DUT LED test probe cards with low maintenance requirements.
  • Wide varying probe layout configurations (1xN, MxN, etc.) for accurate multi-DUT probing.
  • Integrated patent pending CDA blowing system to clear off probe debris.
Flexible and User-Friendly Software
  • Easy product definition with automatic wafer and probe card alignment.
  • Multi-language and intuitive operation interface.


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