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STAr Technologies Launches Next Generation All-in-One Per-Pin SMU Reliability Test System
Hsinchu, Taiwan – STAr Technologies, a leader in parametric and reliability test systems today has launched STAr Pluto series tester to meets test needs for both Package- and Wafer-level reliability test systems. This new tester is an advanced system covering all reliability needs, including HCI, BTI, OTF, TDDB and EM. As the next generation solution that enhances measurement accuracy and efficiency for both engineering and production needs.

The next generation Pluto series all-in-one reliability test system delivers two long awaiting fundamental capabilities to the world. First is the per-pin SMU with measurement speed down to one microsecond, and second is its complete HCI, GOI and EM all-in-one reliability test qualification capabilities. With a maximum of 960 per-pin SMUs supporting reliability tests for HCI/BTI with up 480 transistors, GOI with up to 960 gate oxides and EM with up to 480 interconnects in parallel. This new one-of-a-kind reliability test system surpasses all competing reliability systems in the market and achieves highest test performance and throughput at lowest cost-of-tests.

STAr Pluto series is next generation all-in-one per-pin SMU reliability test system
Furthermore, the four-quadrant per-pins SMU has multi-ranging voltage and current source-measure capabilities enabling tests of nanometer devices with highest level of precision at shortest test time. Equipped with independent per-pin SMUs, user can create customized test algorithms for in-house needs and to support future reliability qualification tests. Pluto’s SMU can support HCI/BIT and GOI with stress voltages up to 20V and measure current down to 10pA for each of the channels. EM (electromigration) with nano-ampere precision up to 400mA stress currents has micro-volt measure accuracies for nanometric interconnects with down to milli-ohm resistance.

The Pluto reliability test systems either be connected to individually controlled micro-oven module for DUTs to be tested at different temperature at package/module-level. STAr also has one-of-the-best multi-DUT wafer-level probe stations, and with dozens of install-base at leading customers, we are able to integrate Pluto per-pin test instrumentation seamlessly to form the next generation wafer-level reliability qualification of down-to 3-nanometer node devices.

“We have listened to users who long wanted per-pin SMU reliability test system, STAr has pioneered the next generation Pluto per-pin SMU reliability test system to meet this need. Pluto supports complete range of nanometer node process and device reliability qualification and with full-flexibility for user to develop customized test programs and qualification methodologies for their own needs. This all-in-one reliability open platform test system will revolutionize the reliability test industry with highest throughput and test capabilities enabling users to mix-and-match different reliability tests in one system. STAr’s Pluto reliability test system will significantly lower overall investments with increasing flexible capacity planning for all semiconductor wafer fabs,” said Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies.
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