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News & Events
STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Announces the Startup of IC Packaging Service
Wuhan, Hubei, China – STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (STAr Wuhan), a leader in the semiconductor test system and probe card market, today announced the launch of its integrated circuit (IC) packaging production line in Wuhan Future City, Hu-Bei Province, as part of the supplier’s efforts to enhance the scope of services for the future semiconductor industry and market in China.

STAr Wuhan is devoted to being the industry’s best supplier by providing turnkey solutions and professional services since its establishment in 2011. In alignment with the continuous rapid growth and positive market trends, STAr Wuhan continues to expand manufacturing facilities and its commitment to producing high-quality products to satisfy industry customer needs. In the second half-year of 2020, with high-end IC packaging and testing production line launch, STAr Wuhan fulfills a new role in the China semiconductor markets.
STAr Wuhan will focus on side braze/dip package service with a process for 1 to 1.25 mil (25.4 to 31.7 um) aluminum bond wire diameter at the beginning. Initial capacity will be 300 to 350, single-die packages per day with planned future expansion to 600 to 700 single-die packages per day. Two to four die package assembly will be available at lower daily volumes. Throughout the manufacturing process, rigorous die tracking and ESD controls ensure material integrity and high-quality results from die sawing and die pick to wire bonding and final assembly.

"We are glad to be an IC package supplier in China market. Not only standard packages, STAr Wuhan, will continuously work with customers to design and develop solutions to address the specific needs. In the future, we surely will have more cooperation closely with China semiconductor customers and partners and pursue advanced technology with innovation," said Dr. Liu Wei, General Manager of STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd

STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Provides IC Packaging Service
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